Tenant Representation

Commercial Tenant Representation

Corporate tenants who are looking to lease commercial office or industrial space, or renew their existing options, will benefit from professional tenant representation. Dividend Realty provides access to all the relevant market information in our highly competitive economy and offers top-notch negotiation skills coupled with transaction expertise.

Our team is available to negotiate individual lease agreements or multiple transactions both locally and internationally. We help to control the costs of occupancy and maximize productivity by offering expert solutions that are both creative and sophisticated. We ensure that these will meet the corporate objectives of your business.

Dividend Realty’s Commercial Tenant Representation Services

We have a three-pronged approach that is used to optimize our services for tenants, starting with analyzing situations that relate to local market conditions and the various opportunities that are available. We then present development options, and finally, we will implement and coordinate the project for our clients.

The Situation Analysis Phase

The situation analysis phase includes identifying a suitable commercial office or industrial space needs and ascertaining what is available to suit clients’ direct, or sublease, needs. It includes projected pricing, and where relevant, identification of concession packages, to meet financial requirements.

Members of our team do an in-depth market analysis to pinpoint all possible opportunities that might suit clients’ needs. Not only will this result in determining what the ideal space requirements of the client’s business are, but also how the space can be utilized efficiently to meet operational needs.

The situation analysis phase also embraces alternative options including the viability of purchasing space or building to suit their needs, rather than leasing, with specific reference to current market conditions and those projected for the near future.

In essence, the Dividend Realty team will:

  • Examine clients’ space requirements in relation to existing and projected market trends
  • Identify and locate a portfolio of properties that have the potential to meet long- term needs
  • Review potentially suitable properties regarding timing availability, lease economics, operating efficacy, and various other qualitative elements
  • Consider any possible variables that could potentially have an impact on market conditions in the near future – including new development planned for the area, upcoming relocations, and possible foreclosures.

The Option Development Phase

Services offered during the second phase are varied and include both financial and property-specific functions. We will:

  • Undertake market surveys to elicit additional information required
  • Organize tours of buildings and properties
  • Request and organize proposals, and then analyze them
  • Engage in preliminary discussions with owners of suitable buildings or premises
  • Undertake relevant financial analysis
  • Undertake relevant system and property analysis
  • Negotiate final transactions and assist with their structure
  • Review and approve the final transaction documents

The Project Implementation Phase

This final phase involves representing tenants during finalization of the lease.

Our team documents the project and ensures all involved parties fully review it. We work with clients and legal counsel throughout the process to achieve lease provisions that are acceptable to both the tenant and landlord.

If consultants, including clients’ architects and engineers, are involved, out team will coordinate their input.

Dividend Realty also has the available resources and ability to provide both construction and project management service if required.

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