Seller Representation

Commercial Property Seller Representation

Whether you are selling a commercial property or looking for a good tenant to lease it, Dividend Realty is the informed choice for commercial property seller representation in Peachtree City, south metropolitan Atlanta,  and beyond.

Using our team-based approach, we provide expert consultants who will fulfill each of the critical functions involved in the sales process, from multi-focused marketing to negotiating the terms of a sale.

We know that successful property sales, whether resulting in a change of ownership or long-term lease, are born from an effective and customized marketing plan. We approach each property with a fresh eye, ready to work on client-specific solutions that maximize the positive characteristics and advantages of the seller. When commercial property seller representation is needed in Peachtree City and south metropolitan Atlanta, Dividend Realty is prepared to help.

Commercial Property Seller
Representation & Marketing Plans

    While most businesses have a comprehensive marketing plan as part of their overall business plan, the marketing plan we create is customized to achieve the goals of the seller. The  mission is to receive offers to buy or lease with terms and conditions both parties are comfortable with. We work as a team, using both traditional and contemporary cutting-edge marketing techniques to advertise and promote the property. Our team focused strategy allows for the best commercial property seller representation for Peachtree City and south metropolitan Atlanta based customers.

Situational Analysis

In the beginning, we conduct a situational analysis that includes market research to determine where the property falls in terms of location, function, condition, price, demand, etc. We carefully consider the highest and best use of the property to establish a target market. For instance, the property may be an excellent option for office, but not for retail. Another property might be ideal for a medical practice, while another might be better suited to manufacturing. Some are potentially multi-functional. Our analysis ensures the perfect fit for our clients.

Commercial Property Seller Representation & Marketing Plans

The next step is to formulate a marketing strategy based on the individual property. This involves evaluating the property itself against the local market to set an asking price. The Dividend Realty team makes use of a broad spectrum of marketing methods including print, social media and email campaigns, direct marketing, multi-media marketing systems, commercial listings services, traditional and Internet-based advertising. We operate within the brokerage community utilizing invaluable word-of-mouth. Not all of these methods are used for every property, but rather we pinpoint what will work best for each one within the budgets we set together with our sellers.

Once approved, we implement the marketing plan, ensuring that all the objectives and strategies are followed. Regular performance analysis and updates keeps plans on track and our clients up to date.

Having emphasized the importance of marketing in seller representation, we know that marketing never takes place in isolation. We guarantee coordinated cooperation between our enterprise and yours.

Negotiate With Buyer

   Once we have a suitable buyer, we assist with negotiations and documentation to ensure that the agreement is in the best interests of our clients.

If you are interested in commercial property seller representation in Peachtree City or south metropolitan Atlanta, contact Dividend Realty to find out how we can help you.