Landlord Representation

Landlord Representation

Dividend Realty offers highly specialized landlord representation that focuses on the individual objectives and needs of clients in the Atlanta area. Our marketing strategies are sharp, effective, aggressive, and strategically designed with landlords in mind. Our team is highly skilled and has the experience and expertise to represent landlords who own single properties as well as those who have extensive portfolios in Peachtree City and reaching beyond to Atlanta.

We aim to please so we don’t simply contract to perform a service. Instead, we partner with our clients and dedicate ourselves to achieving their set goals in terms of tenancy and lease agreements.

Goals and Objectives of Commercial Landlord Representation

Our mission is to achieve the client’s economic and operating goals for their commercial or industrial properties. We do this by:

  • Conduct a detailed analysis to determine market rates for rent, vacancy, absorption, etc.
  • Using carefully considered marketing plans that we develop and design to meet the individual needs and requirements of our clients.
  • Maintain a professional approach that represents our client’s interests while also putting tenants at ease.

Manage the process from end to end, including document preparation and review, negotiations, communications and transaction closing.

The Landlord Representation Procedure


While the actual procedures followed during landlord representation might vary according to individual circumstances, routine practices are very similar.

The Dividend Realty team starts out by identifying the needs, objectives, and goals of the landlord.

Each property is carefully evaluated in terms of its condition, functionality, and suitability for potential tenants and how it stacks up against similar properties in the Peachtree City and Atlanta area markets. It is important to know prospects view the property in the context of the market and the competition. Target tenants are also clearly identified.

In this way, we work with the landlord to maximize rental values and occupancy.

Once a suitable tenant has been found, the landlord representatives will follow through to conclude the leasing process, managing it every step of the way.

If you are looking for a landlord representative to assist you with your commercial or industrial property in Peachtree City or the Atlanta area, contact us now. We look forward to partnering with you.