Land Acquisition

Commercial Land Acquisition Services

Landowners, property developers and tenants keen on build-to-suit projects can all benefit from Dividend Realty’s land acquisition services.

We have a professional team of qualified and experienced specialists who are well equipped to leverage their knowledge of everything that relates to property and land acquisition. This includes information about market trends and capital markets as well as zoning conditions. Further, team players work with our well-established network of outside specialists including architects and engineers, attorneys, and officials who work in local municipal offices.

We cater specifically for speculators and landowners as well as developers, providing the latter with top services that include site selection services, the sale of surplus land, and out-parceling to existing developments. We also offer valuable services to tenants from site selection to the point at which they can move into the premises they have opted for.

Ultimately our mission is to help property owners analyze their investment and sell for the best price possible in the least amount of time.

Dividend Realty’s Commercial Land Acquisition Services

The Dividend Realty team has a huge amount of experience in a wide sphere of real estate niches. Individual team members have a wealth of experience that ranges from consultancy to brokerage, and beyond. We understand land property and know how different factors impact on different businesses – so we can help you decide what is the ideal land to purchase for your business project.

We play a pivotal role in terms of evaluating possible options and provide good advice customized to each client’s needs. Ultimately we want to be sure that the decisions our clients make will always lead to successful transactions.

Dividend Realty offers a range of services but specializes in handling projects from start to finish. Specifically, we can help with:

  • Sharing market knowledge and trends
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Ensuring potential purchasers are well qualified
  • Selecting the very best sites
  • Acquiring the sites our clients decide they want to buy
  • Due diligence and finalizing contracts
  • We make it our business to identify new marketing opportunities and develop those that will benefit our clients. Once we find interested buyers, we verify their financial history to ensure that they will be able to “close” transactions once contracts have been negotiated.

We also actively seek out suitable sites that we believe our property investors will be interested in, and are ready to aggressively negotiate money matters.

Once the process is underway our team analyzes zoning conditions and facilitates the necessary debt and equity discussions to ensure the land acquisition process can be satisfactorily concluded. We also deal with offers and final agreements, and will liaise with legal counsel.

So if you are in the market to acquire land, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Dividend Realty so that we can discuss your needs further, and see what we can do to enable your prospects.