Design-build Consulting

Commercial Design-Build Consulting

Whether you are a property developer or a tenant aiming to lease build-to-suit premises long term, Dividend Realty can assist with your design-build needs. Our consulting team deals with many different types of projects and services range from analyzing locations and planning sites to project implementation and ultimately project management of properties that are being developed.

The Dividend Realty team can help with elements of a project, or manage the process from the initial vision of a project to completion.

Our Commercial Design-Build Consulting Services can be split into two main categories:

  1. Site analysis and planning
  2. Facility analysis and planning

Once the analysis and planning phases are over, construction documents can be drawn up. Once these have been approved by the relevant authorities construction can go ahead.

Commercial Site Analysis and Planning

Essentially Dividend Realty’s site analysis and planning services help clients to find the most suitable site and make best use of the land they acquire. It’s a simple mission that requires lots of expertize.

Our team starts out by reviewing the market and analyzing available locations, identifying those sites that appear to fulfill the client’s requirements. We give options, and then once a site has been chosen, we can design the layout of the site to maximize its use in the most flexible and efficient manner.

We work with the client throughout the planning process, handling real estate due diligence processes and ensuring that all municipal approvals are correctly handled.

Commercial Facility Analysis and Planning

Facility analysis and planning involves both short-term needs as well as long-term goals, and we make a point of working very closely with clients to achieve these.

Once we have established a suitable framework, we are able to design facilities and produce plans.

Commercial Construction Services

The consulting team at Dividend Realty can help by following through on building projects. We don’t do the building, but we ensure that those who are involved in construction run on schedule and maintain the required standards.

We can help you find a licensed contractor and draw up an agreement based on the design specifications for your project. We will follow through on the various stages to ensure that approval is in place whenever this is required by local rules and regulations. Ultimately, you can rely on the Dividend Realty team to ensure that your building project is done to the highest possible standards.

If you are in the market for design-build services, contact Dividend Realty today to find out how we can help you achieve your dreams.