Buyer Representation

Commercial Buyer Representation

Whether you are planning to buy or lease commercial or industrial real estate in Peachtree City or the Atlanta area, Dividend Realty offers a professional buyer representation service that will save you money and time. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that our clients find the very best properties and premises at the lowest possible cost.

When we contract with new clients, we form partnerships that will promote their best interests, and then work together to achieve their requirements.

The Commercial Property Buyer Representation Process

Any buyer representation process is a progressive one, starting with establishing what is required and ending with a lease agreement (or in the case of buying property, a purchase agreement.) In broad terms we:

  • Establish a plan of action
  • Evaluate market trends historically and with reference to current transactions
  • Find suitable property options in Peachtree City or beyond to Atlanta and arrange tours
  • Analyze and compare financial options
  • Handle all documentation regarding business and legal issues
  • Negotiate the terms for a letter of intent
  • Review lease/purchase agreements

Every part of this process is important so our team works closely with buyers throughout.

The planning process begins with a careful review of existing property ownership or standing leases if there are any. Before a new agreement can be negotiated, it is vital that potential buyers (whether opting to purchase or lease a property) know what their existing options, obligations, and notice provisions entail. A timeline is established along with economic/financial benchmarks relating to possible lease renewal (if relevant), future relocation, and attainable acquisition terms.


Once we have drawn up a good, solid facilities plan, we develop a portfolio of the most appropriate options available in Peachtree City or Atlanta that we believe will suit the client (or buyer) and list the advantages and any limitations of each of them. We believe it is essential to draw clients’ attention to disadvantages or potential threats if there are any.

Evaluate Market, Create Terms

We also compile a report that examines relevant market trends relating to all pertinent matters including new construction activities, supply and demand of property in the Atlanta area, recent sales with prices, vacancy rates, lease values, and so on. We look at historical transactions both to enable clients to make informed decisions, and to ensure we are in a position to negotiate the best possible terms with commercial property owners who are selling or leasing in Peachtree City or the Atlanta area.

Property Tours

The next step is to take buyers on property or facility tours so that the options they prefer can be shortlisted, and our team can prepare a comparative financial analysis of these properties. This includes every financial probability: monthly and annual expenses, real estate taxes, operating expenses, and possible rent escalations, so we can calculate the present values of the various options. Finally, a detailed summary is presented to the client that highlights key concerns, including financial and non-financial matters.

Letter of Intent

Once our buyer clients have decided on a property, team members negotiate the terms of a letter of intent. Although not the final agreement, all-important provisions are incorporated in the letter of intent. Additionally, all key legal and business issues are substantiated and solidified so that the groundwork is laid for final negotiations.

Reviewing Lease or Purchase Documents

The final phase of buyer representation involves reviewing the lease or purchase document. We do all we can to identify any provisions that could possibly prove to be problematic in the future; however, we always strongly recommend that clients also have this document reviewed by competent legal representatives before the lease contract or sale agreement is signed.

If you would like to know more about the Dividend Realty buyer representation service available in Peachtree City and the Atlanta area, or you would like to contract with us, contact us now.